Sports Handicapper Monitors and Documented Picks

One of the frequent inquiries from bettors before they join our service is if our picks are monitored or documented by a third party. We are amazed by the amount of trust these bettors put on these so called monitoring sites. We can assure you that pretty much every monitoring service out there are scam or dishonest. Before we go on about these handicapper watchdogs, let us tell you that we are no longer monitored by any third party monitors. Instead, we can direct you to some of our clients who have a reputable web presence. A very reliable person who can vouch for our posted results is Chris Sheridan of sheridanhoops (look him up if you don't know him) as he has access to our picks--he even tweeted about us.  Brian, the admin of is a client of ours and he can vouch for the posted results. He has written a review about our service that can be viewed at  Adam, the admin of can also verify all the plays in the spreadsheet since 2013.  These references are far more valuable than those sports monitors.

Chad Millman of ESPN has open invitation to receive and monitor our picks free of charge.

Now on to why we don't use third party monitoring services. When we first started our service we submitted all our picks to a well known and supposedly reputable sports handicapper monitoring site which we will not name here due to legal complications. After six months of submitting our picks (little over 500 picks with a roi of around 13%) to this monitoring site we got a little suspicious because of random new cappers appearing in the top of the standings each month. Soon our suspicion was confirmed when we received an email from an agent from this monitor offering a spot in the top 3 standings for a monthly fee! That was enough for us to cut ties with that monitor and we decided not to deal with any monitoring sites because the monitor we used is considered honest/legit in the industry even today. If the best in the industry has a corrupted scheme, imagine what the rest would be like!

Following that incident, we did a thorough research and learned that pretty much every sports monitor out there is dishonest or scam. Our advice to bettors is that they monitor a handicapper on their own before making a long term commitment.  The two most common scheme with sports monitoring sites are: 1. A tout with multiple services under his belt would run a monitoring site that actually monitors many handicappers but he would list his services in the top with fake results. 2. An actual sports monitoring site that monitors many handicappers but the highest bidder gets the top spots regardless of their performance.

We currently do not use any third party monitors. We have already built our a client base and were not desperate to go out of a way to get more clients. Our picks and results are constantly monitored by our clients and some are well known as mentioned earlier . We accurately update the results at the end of every week. If we are to cheat our clients wouldn't stay. We are the only service that has detailed archives (results with every pick from every week since the start of our service) of all our past picks.