How to win at sports betting?

  • Master the art of patience and discipline
  • Learn the advanced methods of handicapping to find real edge
  • Bet only when you have found areal edge and limit unnecessary action.

Patience and discipline are the two most important things that you must master in order to find edge and succeed in sports betting. Yes, these two are more important than money management itself because, without them you wouldn't be able to successfully employ an efficient money management plan. In sports betting, patience and discipline are special abilities that is very difficult to master. It is like climbing a very steep, icy slope; you can lose control and slip anytime. For most bettors it is virtually impossible to maintain patience and discipline in the long run. They might do everything perfectly for 1 week, 1 month or even a year but eventually they will momentarily lose that special ability and that moment is enough to destroy the bankroll.

Most bettors begin with a short bankroll, perhaps a few hundred dollars. Often, bettors who load their sports-book with short bankroll find it impossible to maintain patience and discipline on a consistent basis because they find the bet size to be too small when they use a proper money management with a small starting bankroll. As a result they will add to their lifetime losses by losing the bankroll each time they reload. These bettors turn few hundred dollar losses into few thousand dollars in a matter of few weeks while dreaming of turning few hundred dollars into few thousand dollars. Without patience and discipline your dream will never come true. If you fall into this category of bettors, we highly recommend that you wait patiently and save these deposits without any action till you get a sizable bankroll. Remember that a bet never made is better than a losing bet.

Once you have a a reasonable size bankroll, you would still need patience and discipline on a daily basis to manage your bets, money and bankroll. Avoid impulsive or compulsive betting. Bet only when you find real edge. Common injury reports, statistics, weather reports, trends from past games etc that are widely available on the internet to everyone is not real edge for long term success. You must learn to avoid those pitfalls because the line and odds already reflect all those widely available information. To find real edge, you have to look past the many variables that are not obvious or easily accessible on the internet.

Once you start making bets, maintain patience and discipline everyday, bet after bet. Don't chase your losses. If you lose a bet or if you are on a losing streak, don't follow it up with forced bets or larger bets without having found any real edge--always wait for the right opportunity to make a bet regardless of the outcome of your previous bets. If you win a bet or if you are on a winning streak, don't get greedy by forcing meaningless bets. It is okay to go days or even weeks without betting if you have not found a bet with real edge--avoid the craving to force a bet.

Emotion is what affects most bettors patience and discipline. Don't let your emotions get in your betting plan. To do this effectively you must learn to separate your betting from your personal life. Once you spend the allocated time for research and place the bet, don't waste anymore time on that bet. This means, not refreshing your score screen every minute or watching the games you bet--this adds to stress and has proven to negatively affect the betting behavior regardless of the outcome of the bet. Once you place the bets for the day, call it a day and focus on other important things such as family, friends and yourself.

If you are consistently losing by breaking everything explained in this article, try exercises to control yourself. Try this: For one month limit yourself to betting only on our picks with our money management (if you cannot afford our subscription fees, you can try our free picks google group.) and nothing else--if you can successfully complete this exercise, it would be a step in the right direction to at win sports betting long term.

If you are a bettor with large bankroll and don't have what it takes to master patience, discipline or situational handicapping, we strongly recommend that you try our consistently winning full stake 10/10 unit picks. If you are a small bettor, you can try our regular picks package. By following our picks with our money management plan, you would master the skill of patience and discipline while building wealth.