Lay Betting - What is lay betting and how does lay betting work

Lay betting is simply betting on an outcome not to happen. By laying something you go from being the punter to the bookmaker. Lay Betting is a popular option on betting exchanges such as Betfair where bettors can play the role of a traditional sportsbook by offering odds to sell a bet to other bettors in the betting exchange. However, if you use traditional sportsbooks instead of betting exchanges, you will have to back the exact opposite side of the side you want to lay because traditional books don't have the option to lay.

NBA: Team A -5.5 (1.91) - Team B -5.5 (1.91)
Lay: Team B -5.5 Odds: 1.91 = Back: Team A +5.5 Odds: 1.91

If you want to lay Team B -5 then you can use the lay option in the betting exchange to lay team B. By laying Team B, you are saying Team B will not win by 5.5 or more. But if you are using a regular book, there is no lay option and you will have to back the opposite side of Team A +5.5. Basically laying Team B-5.5 and backign +5.5 are same bets.

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