Free-Picks & Promos

You can receive our free picks to your email address the instant they are posted by subscribing to our free google group. After they are posted to the google group, all free picks will also be posted on our facebook and twitter accounts. Our free picks are usually picks that we leaned towards but not strong enough to qualify as our paid clients picks. Once in a while we will also post a client pick as free pick. We specialize in american sports (MLB, NCAAF, NCAAB, NHL, NFL, NBA and NFL.) We do some soccer and tennis as well but they are rarely used as paid picks. We do not post free picks frequently but you can still profit with them long term if you stay patient, disciplined and play with our money management. If you don't like paying for picks service out of your pocket, you can use the free picks to make the subscription fees!

Current New Client Promo

Because we work mostly with long term returning clients, our service is relatively expensive and closed. Many major sports seasons are about to start after August and therefore we will open the doors temporarily to potential new clients with discounted offers. The below promos will run until Aug 31st and will help potential new clients secure a subscription to get picks through the busiest months of americna sports. Check the spreadsheet in the money management article to see what what kind of growth you can expect with your bankroll using our picks and money management.

Regular Picks**

6 months: Sept 1 to Feb 28: $750 USD Subscription will start from the join date and include reminder of August picks as complimentary.
*100 units guarantee

Full Stake 10/10 Unit Picks**

1 Month (September) + 12 Months (Sep 1 to Aug 31/18) Regular picks: $2,500 USD Both set of picks will start from the join date and include reminder of August picks as complimentary.
*25 unit profit guarantee for the 1 month full stake 10/10 unit picks & 200 units for the regular picks

*If the guarantee with the subscription is not met at the end of your subscription, it will be renewed free of charge.

**Offer is only for new clients and clients who have been with us for less than 6 months. Abusing this rule by joining under different name will result in permanent ban from our service if caught.